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Plumbing installation

Where Copper Piping is fixed directly to steel frames, it must be insulated from the coated steel members.

Water Pipes
Piping is installed through service holes provided in studs and wall plates. Grommets must be used in all holes through which pipes are installed. The grommets minimize water hammer and isolate the piping from the frame.

Nylon or nylon coated saddles are recommended for fixing copper or PVC piping.

Plumbing Fittings
Plumbing fittings and associated components are fitted to steel noggings. These are fixed on site at the locations of the plumbing fixtures. Sheet insulation should be used to isolate the tap set fixed to the noggin. Fix using #10-16x16 Wafer screws.

Frame Modifications
Information relating to framing modifications for plumbing services must be obtained from the framing system fabricator.